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Occupational Health Training

Dr. Tasky is available to travel for large group training


DOT Certified Medical Examiner's Training

Whether you are new to performing DOT medical exams or due for your refresher training, we are a fantastic choice.  Dr. Tasky has been one of the NRCME's designated training providers since 2010.

He's personally performed over 13,000 DOT medical exams - bringing a wealth of

real-world knowledge to the training.

DOT Drug Testing
Collector Training

Dr. Tasky and his staff have also seen every scenario you can imagine in the tens of thousands of drug testing urine collections they've done. 

We can train and certify your staff to perform this service with a good deal of real-life information about the nonsense that will walk through your door.

Contact us to inquire.  This can be done remotely or live.

Male chemist

This color looks odd, and I should be wearing gloves...

Safety Wear

Supervisor Training

This training is for employers more than medical providers. 

The various modes of the DOT (FMCSA, PHMSA, etc) require supervisors to have been trained on the signs of drug and alcohol abuse.  

We are happy to share our knowledge and to  certify your staff.   Contact us today for details.

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