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  • Are there bulk discounts for my medical office/healthcare system if we need to make a large order?
    Yes, we can do bulk discounts for order of over 15 sets. Contact us at, let us know your needs, and we will quote you a price.
  • Can I just get a pdf version?
    No, sorry. It's hard to maintain a copyright as it is. We've caught people copying the references before - even in print format. That's not cool. We ship them as soon as we can.
  • How often are the references updated?
    Continuously. The FMCSA doesn't change their advisory criteria often, but when they do, we're right on top of it.
  • Where does Dr. Tasky get this information?
    It's all publicly available if you want to dig through the mountains of information on the FMCSA website, Medical Examiner's Handbook, conference reports, FAQ, medical expert panels, and history of emailed communications.
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