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Dr. Tasky considers this to be his greatest work.  


25+ case examples from the frontlines of driver health.  


We've assembled some of the strangest and most complicated DOT presentations from over the years (in narrative format to make them interesting to read).   In each, we've included our clinical thought process, some pearls of insight, and the struggles to come to a good decision. 


If you’re new to the practice of DOT medical exams, this will give you some between-the-lines insight into the reality of the practice. 


If you’re studying for your NRCME exam, you’ll find some context and answers here. 


If you’re an old pro, here’s a little proof that you’re not alone.



"I wish I'd had a book like this when I was new to DOT exams.  It would have really helped to build my confidence.  Even the experienced practitioner will find new insights here."


20 printer sized pages makes it a consumable length for the busy practitioner. 

The DOT Medical Exam - Case Examples

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