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I do 4-8 Dot exams a day and these charts are a life saver. They are also a good reference for CDL driver who want to argue with you about your ruling, just show them the chart and they shut right up. I uses these charts daily for reference and guidance of those who may of failed a test and how to correct the problem so they can get their certificate. Yes I would buy them again in a heart beat, well worth the money and great study guide. THANK YOU DR. TASKY :)

Dr Ronald Rosquist

I used the quick reference charts from Dr. Tasky to study for the exam. It really covered all the topics. I plan on using it in my practice. Dr. Tasky provides some great material to study for the NRCME exam. The quick reference charts are very easy to use.
I used the quick reference charts and the practice exam when preparing for the NRCME exam. I am glad I did.

I use this all the time and have recommended it to several colleagues to help study for the exam and as a quick reference when doing DOT exams

Dr Sam Lammers

Dr Joel Kann

Excellent quick reference for common DOT examiner encounters.
Shipment was fast and vendor reliable. Thank you for a great product!

About Dr. Tasky

Dr. Tasky has been providing DOT Medical exams to his community since 2010.


In 2012, he was contacted by Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN to develop and teach a DOT Medical Examiner's course.  The class has since been taken by many hundreds of doctors and nurses - both live and online.

Some years into teaching, as a supplement to the course, Dr. Tasky created three quick reference guides to simplify and organize the highlights of the information for those learning and performing the exams.   

A practice test was also compiled.


With thousands of copies sold across every state in the US, he's happy to continuously update the references for sale to colleagues. 

When not seeing patients, he spends his time with his lovely wife and children.  Their seventh child is expected in 2024.

Profession photo of Dr Tasky and his family
Dr tasky teaching Drs and nurses regarding the DOT medical exam
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